Kenosha Aikikai

Kenosha Aikikai



Aikido is a traditional Japanese Martial art created by Morihei Ueshiba (Ō-Sensei) in the early 20th century. This non-violent, non-competitive art emphasizes Victory Over Self (Agatsu) as opposed to victory over others. It develops discipline and strengthens the spirit through harmonious, yet focused movement.

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Other programs

In addition to Aikido, Kenosha Aikikai is honored to offer classes in other disciplines as well. Many students engage in the benefits of cross-discipline training. By applying knowledge from one discipline to another, a synergy can occur that is unique and dynamic.



Iaido (pronounced ee-eye-do), is the traditional martial art of Japanese swordsmanship, which evolved from the combat techniques of feudal Japan into the modern system of movement and poise practiced today. Iaido training consists of the repetition and refinement of various sword movement sequences. This practice enables a larger sense of single-mindedness and calmness, bringing balance and clarity into our daily lives.

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the ancient art of gentle, flowing movements that have been practiced as a health exercise for many centuries.  Based on natural laws, it teaches relaxation, boosts energy, and erases tension. Performed in a calm peaceful manner, it also offers itself as an effective and efficient self-defense system.

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A time to allow peacefulness and quiet to settle deep within us. Welcoming Mindfulness into our lives by Simply Sitting and Simply Walking. Forming the foundation of all martial arts training - as well as grounding our daily actions, slowly the noise and clutter of our busy minds gently falls away... 

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