Youth Aikido

Click here to download the 2019 Youth Day Camp registration form.

It is now time to register for the 2019 Kenosha Aikikai Youth Day Camp. The camp will have aikido instruction in addition to other activities such as tai chi, yoga, aikido weapons practice, activities, and Japanese cultural experiences. To fuel participants, lunch and snacks are provided all three days. For those that are currently practicing, it is a great opportunity to supplement current training and aikido practice. And, for those that have taken a break from training, it is an excellent moment to come back into your training.

The day camp’s goal is to foster elements of martial arts in a scope beyond only aikido practice and into everyday life. The youth members are an important part of the Kenosha Aikikai Dojo family, and the day camp wants to celebrate their exceptional training and potential.

Aikido as a martial art provides benefits beyond the place of physical practice. The Youth Program at Kenosha Aikikai emphasizes the benefits of Aikido in daily life in tandem with the pursuit of martial art. Aikido teaches and reinforces the ways in which all parts of our daily lives require balance. As Youth members at Kenosha Aikikai, practice includes positive balance between academic success, family obligations, and self improvement.

A core philosophy of the Youth program at Kenosha Aikikai is using the the practice of Aikido as a martial art to improve the individual student on a highly personalized basis. Student progress and success is not determined on evaluations that compare students to one another, but rather on the gains and improvements made by the individual, determined by growth of character as well as technical mastery. Each class provides an opportunity for a student to make an incremental step towards a better self.

Aikido Youth lessons teach martial techniques that reinforce physical, martial perspectives, but also connect these ideas to perseverance, integrity, respect, and dedication to a better self. Through physical activity and mental considerations, the body and mind are developed alongside each other.


Tuesday: 5:45 - 6:30 PM 

Thursday: 5:45 - 6:30 PM

Saturday: 9:15 - 10:00 AM


Monthly Class Fee: $50.00
Minimum Age: 8 years old

Youth Program Coordinator:

Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch, 1st Dan, Aikido